Friday, March 9, 2018

After Shellac

[I wrote this in 2011, just found it lying around as a draft]

In 2008 or so.

I was listening to an unhealthy amount of Nirvana everyday. Most of which hasn't been scrobbled here. I read a Mark Prindle review on In Utero during that period and found out about Steve Albini. Soon after came a variety of bands I discovered that he'd recorded, Cobain's journals and furthermore, the trends and recommendations from

Polvo, Shellac, Unwound, Toe, TVU, Codeine, Duster, Meat Puppets, Sigur Rós, A Minor Forest, G? G! and 3nd — being some of my favorites and most listened to according to, after 2009. The genre tag-cloud largely looking something like: punk, grunge, math, slowcore, emo.

I have of course listened to a ton of other stuff that doesn't belong in any of those categories. But a good chunk of that has been semi-serendipitous, a lot of it has been hip-hop/rap and electronic/ambient and fair bit being just the non-noisy side-projects of a few of the above folks like Rachel's and The For Carnation.

Monday, June 20, 2011

GSoC - 1 & 2

These are parts one and two of my milestone log for GSoC.

I got done with college a few days ago and I'm fairly certain that I should be able to complete what I proposed for the mid-terms. We have a few things looking in good shape now.





  • Use Ctrl as the modifier to multi-select items, release it to stop multi-selecting and perform operations.
  • A modified popup-menu appears for doing stuff on multiple items, this only appears on right-clicking the selected items. Non-selected items have their own menus. Effectively, it's possible to still normally work on the non-selected items even with selection in place.
  • Favorites are logged in .gtk-bookmarks, it is possible to add new items from either editing the file directly, or dragging stuff in GtkFileChooser. Consequently, this would need to be fixed later on, to allow Nautilus to do the same.

  • Initiate new Zeigeist events if bookmarked URIs are not previously indexed. 
  • Finish the Nautilus DBus API discussed over here.
  • Fix all the FIXMEs.

  • Start with other filtering categories like Trash and Conversation monitoring.
  • The journal currently looks bare. The interface needs to be brought in-sync with the standard guidelines and stuff like, icons, header stylizations, and layouts need some improvements. Here's a nice mockup by David Prieto to serve a bit of inspiration -
We have a neat way to make gnome-shell extensions multi-file (thanks, Federico!).
It'll now be much easier to update this journal as an extension. I've updated all of the above, here.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


01:47   lut4rp : hm
01:47   lut4rp : maybe
01:47   lut4rp : if my machine comes
01:47   lut4rp : then i'll come over
01:47   lut4rp : and we can sit and look at our macs, lovingly
01:48   lut4rp : or maybe i shouldn't
01:48   lut4rp : and i should wait for
01:48   lut4rp : kitallis to buy his mac
01:48   lut4rp : and then all 3 can sit together
01:48   lut4rp : and look at our machines, lovingly

Sure. MacBooks are all sleek and sexy, but they're not really what I imagine a computer as. I imagine computers as monstrous, bulky and masculine beasts. You slap them a couple of times and they grunt loudly.


GSoC 2011 - 0

This is part zero of my milestone log for GSoC.

A major section of my project this year is about creating the much hyped and discussed Journal for Gnome-Shell. A neat automatic history-logger powered by Zeitgeist. My proposal can be found here.

a priori
Seif has worked a lot over the Shell in the past two months or so. It looked in a pretty promising state when I first got my hands on it.
Here's what it can do right now (from Seif's blog):
1. Library - Adds a new tab in the Shell's overview and displays all the events with the icon thumbnails sorted and mapped into appropriate time-buckets.
2. Search - Extends the search to incorporate Zeitgeist-indexed events.
3. Filter - According to pre-defined categories and access-types.

Some of my experiments can be seen in this video -

google summer of code
Here are a few mockups of how a few of the new features mentioned in my proposal will span out over the next two/three weeks.

Main view of the Big fat eraser mode  -

I-search -

Optimize - The aggregation is a bit sluggish at the moment. The icon-grid generation needs to be sped up by proper caching. Other possible optimizations need to be figured out.

These are basic mockups of what we think should be appropriate, so suggestions and critiques are welcome. Federico and I decided that building this should be as crowd-sourced (design-wise) as possible, so I will be maintaining this Journal as an extension as well as a separate branch.

This project solves a very common, everyday problem. It tries to let you have an easy way to access your working set of files and other items into a single space. From Desktop-like accessibilty to Places and File Manager navigation. Our aim is to get it up and ready for release with 3.2. I'd strongly suggest reading this article, if you haven't already - for what we've planned for ahead.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Open Containing Folder" for EoG and gedit

 Bug 650402

Bug 650396

Based around Federico's recent fix to add an Open Folder functionality in Evince. Although the nautilus bug to launch nautilus file:///home/kitallis/foo.png and select the corresponding file, recently got fixed. These patches currently use gtk_show_uri() with the parent uri of the file to just launch the default file manager.

Monday, May 16, 2011


After an insanely awkward farewell.

Losing my beloved Android phone.

And after sitting totally unprepared for a buncha Master's exams.

1. I have a new blog.
2. I got selected for GSoC.
3. Conflicting emotions.

1 - was a rather necessary decision. I don't particularly like blogs started specifically for fulfilling purposes of GSoC and then dying out forever. Hence, I've decided to not keep this blog as just a gsoc-status-update-board, but also hopefully, keep writing half-decent posts. I'll also, most probably be using some sort of static blog publishing as soon as I buy some infra. But that'd also mean I'll have to design it, customize it and deploy it manually. So, I don't see that happening any time soon.

2 - was probably one of the best things that happened to me in a long time. The upcoming three months will be fully devoted to working for GNOME. Separate post coming up.

3 - ;/