Thursday, May 26, 2011


01:47   lut4rp : hm
01:47   lut4rp : maybe
01:47   lut4rp : if my machine comes
01:47   lut4rp : then i'll come over
01:47   lut4rp : and we can sit and look at our macs, lovingly
01:48   lut4rp : or maybe i shouldn't
01:48   lut4rp : and i should wait for
01:48   lut4rp : kitallis to buy his mac
01:48   lut4rp : and then all 3 can sit together
01:48   lut4rp : and look at our machines, lovingly

Sure. MacBooks are all sleek and sexy, but they're not really what I imagine a computer as. I imagine computers as monstrous, bulky and masculine beasts. You slap them a couple of times and they grunt loudly.


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