Monday, June 20, 2011

GSoC - 1 & 2

These are parts one and two of my milestone log for GSoC.

I got done with college a few days ago and I'm fairly certain that I should be able to complete what I proposed for the mid-terms. We have a few things looking in good shape now.





  • Use Ctrl as the modifier to multi-select items, release it to stop multi-selecting and perform operations.
  • A modified popup-menu appears for doing stuff on multiple items, this only appears on right-clicking the selected items. Non-selected items have their own menus. Effectively, it's possible to still normally work on the non-selected items even with selection in place.
  • Favorites are logged in .gtk-bookmarks, it is possible to add new items from either editing the file directly, or dragging stuff in GtkFileChooser. Consequently, this would need to be fixed later on, to allow Nautilus to do the same.

  • Initiate new Zeigeist events if bookmarked URIs are not previously indexed. 
  • Finish the Nautilus DBus API discussed over here.
  • Fix all the FIXMEs.

  • Start with other filtering categories like Trash and Conversation monitoring.
  • The journal currently looks bare. The interface needs to be brought in-sync with the standard guidelines and stuff like, icons, header stylizations, and layouts need some improvements. Here's a nice mockup by David Prieto to serve a bit of inspiration -
We have a neat way to make gnome-shell extensions multi-file (thanks, Federico!).
It'll now be much easier to update this journal as an extension. I've updated all of the above, here.


  1. This adds a lot of functionality to the shell and is really in line with the style. I love it! Can't wait to use it.

  2. I think it is unwise to use a concept used normally to select multiple items (an icon showing up on hover) to delete them. Also, the selecting of multiple items doesn't work with touch screens and a big advantage of the GNOME Shell (up to now) is that it is touchscreen friendly.

    I would replace the remove button with a simple drag and drop in a wastebin - everyone knows that. And make the hovering icon select multiple files like it does in for example Dolphin. On touch screen devices you can always show these icons so it works there as well. Drag'n'drop to delete is no issue on touchscreens either - and more intuitive in general.

    otherwise, great work :D

  3. How will that work with the new Gnome-Shell design?

  4. I guess they could just add a 'Documents'-icon to the Dash; much in the same fashion as the '...'-icon in jimmac's new design.

  5. @Kelly - Thanks!

    @bochecha - What Chris said. There are a lot of groups floating around with different ideas and designs. My work will be fairly constricted and hopefully very reusable, so we'll be sticking to our original plan for now, until we're at a stage to evolve it according to ideas here: (which itself is vastly incomplete)

    @jospoortvliet - Those are some nice inputs, I'll make sure to have a discussions regarding optimizing for touch-devices with Federico and #gnome-design. Thanks!