Friday, March 9, 2018

After Shellac

[I wrote this in 2011, just found it lying around as a draft]

In 2008 or so.

I was listening to an unhealthy amount of Nirvana everyday. Most of which hasn't been scrobbled here. I read a Mark Prindle review on In Utero during that period and found out about Steve Albini. Soon after came a variety of bands I discovered that he'd recorded, Cobain's journals and furthermore, the trends and recommendations from

Polvo, Shellac, Unwound, Toe, TVU, Codeine, Duster, Meat Puppets, Sigur Rós, A Minor Forest, G? G! and 3nd — being some of my favorites and most listened to according to, after 2009. The genre tag-cloud largely looking something like: punk, grunge, math, slowcore, emo.

I have of course listened to a ton of other stuff that doesn't belong in any of those categories. But a good chunk of that has been semi-serendipitous, a lot of it has been hip-hop/rap and electronic/ambient and fair bit being just the non-noisy side-projects of a few of the above folks like Rachel's and The For Carnation.

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